Nobody knows what the new normal will look like, but one thing is for sure: COVID-19 concerns will be with us for the foreseeable future.

Horse shows must adapt to the new normal. This means minimizing contact among show participants and show staff. Check in and check out lines will no longer be acceptable. To solve this, your show software will have to support:
  • Complete Contact Tracing System
  • On line payment on entry
  • On line billing and payments with follow ups for additional classes and services
  • Adds directly from the in gate or cell phone without going to the show office
  • Self serve number generation/pickup
  • Real time communication with show participants
There is only one show management system on the market today that supports all of these things and more: Equestrian Show Manager.
Contact us today at and see how ESM can help you succeed in the new normal!


Horse shows are a competitive business.
We work with you to maximize your profits: short term and long term.

  • Attract more exhibitors by delivering the best show experience for exhibitors, trainers, riders and owners.
  • ESM Real Time™ software makes sure that there are no missed charges; nothing slips through the cracks.
  • ESM opens up new revenue sources such as couponing and add-on services.
  • We help you keep expenses down by streamlining show operations.
  • Avoid expensive problems by tracking vital things such as vaccination compliance and supplies inventory.

Planning + Registration

Equestrian Show Manager lets you create your show quickly and accurately, and automatically vets your registrations, preventing oversights and delays come show time.

At the Show

During the show is when ESM really shines with a real-time software solution that not only keeps everyone on schedule, but automatically adjusts to unexpected developments and keeps everyone informed.

We help you run the most efficient show operations

  • With ESM, services management (stalls, paddocks, hay, etc.) is fully integrated.  You only have one system to deal with.
  • ESM also includes management of show personnel and suppliers.
  • Extensive self serve capabilities save you time in dealing with show participants.
  • Full audit trails let you resolve problems quickly and accurately.
  • Our Real Time tracking lets show personnel directly enter such things as hay deliveries and show results, minimizing errors.

ESM is designed to give show participants (exhibitors, trainers, riders and owners)
the best and most convenient show experience:


  • Access Real-time Schedule from your smartphone, and get an up to the second estimate of your next class with ESM’s When Do I Go™ feature
  • See course layouts instantly when they are posted
  • Text Notifications of hay and bedding deliveries
  • Create or update entries from your computer or smartphone
  • Real time results and custom reports
  • ESM is intuitive, but if you are in doubt as to how to do something, video tutorials are accessible right from within the software

Cloud-based architecture means:

You can access ESM securely from anywhere on an internet connected device;
You are always running the most secure, up to date version of the software;
There are no networks or servers for you to buy and maintain;
You have full access to custom, online support when you need it.

Equestrian Show Manager Inc. was formed in 2012 with the goal of bringing cutting edge technology to the horse show world. We recognized that this technology could help show owners maximize their profits, and at the same time provide the best show experience for exhibitors, trainers, riders and owners.
Our team includes successful businesspeople, knowledgeable horse show organizers and secretaries, as well as top software architects and programmers from around the world. We made a commitment that we would only bring ESM to market when it was ready. Our software has been in beta for the past three years, and proven itself in shows right up to the FEI level.
ESM is now ready for general release.





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